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LDI Surgical


LDI is a pioneer in developing and producing eco-friendly tissue bank & surgical supplies. We work with hospitals, surgery centers and tissue banks to reduce caregiver exposure to blood borne pathogens and to eliminate chemical toxins from the products they buy. We are focused on solving problems for caregivers related to fluid management in the surgical setting in a sustainable manner.

Customers come to us when they have a problem with:

  • Eliminating PVC and other chemicals of concern from the products they buy
  • Managing Risk
  • Controlling staff exposure to fluids
  • Avoiding trips, slips, and falls
  • Complying with OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Standards
  • Wasting time and money

We provide non-skid absorbent floor pads, sterile cut resistant glove liners, post mortem bags and other innovative products designed with the caregiver in mind.

LDI continues to grow and gain loyal customers in this industry because we are different. We are not just box movers. We were founded by chemists and textile engineers that have a passion for solving unique problems and reducing the use of chemical toxins. Virtually all of our products can be traced back to an interaction with a surgical technician, doctor, or tissue recovery specialist that started with, “My job would be easier if only…”