Sustainable Design +

Our Philosophy

No matter how good the story is about what is or isn’t in a product, if it is too expensive or doesn’t work then it is not sustainable.

We view sustainable design as a process of continuous improvement. What we do today should be viewed as just a step in the right direction. There are very few, if any “perfect” solutions. It is important for consumers of materials, such as Interior Designers and Hospital Buyers, to keep asking for better solutions. It is these consumers that are ultimately creating the competition necessary for progress. If you keep buying what you are buying, manufacturers are going to keep selling what they are selling.

LDI was founded with the goal of developing products that are more sustainable, less toxic, and safer. Our philosophy is that there is no reason to use products that are damaging to the environment and pose a health threat. The company has a unique understanding of materials, their performance characteristics, and environmental and health safety impact. LDI has the technology to provide safer alternatives that offer superior performance and competitive cost.

Children are especially susceptible to the ill-effects of environmental toxins. Their bodies are developing and it is eye opening to realize that their health could be forever impacted by some of the chemicals used in every day products that we, as parents, may unknowingly buy for them. LDI has become a successful leader in the transformation of commercial markets by putting more emphasis on health safety and sustainability and getting people talking about safer alternatives.

We at LDI believe that the products that make our lives better shouldn’t negatively impact our planet.

For instance vinyl, or PVC is widely used throughout the contract furniture and healthcare industries because of its durability. But PVC and the plasticizers that can leach from vinyl have also been linked to environmental and health safety concerns. Many industries, especially healthcare and contract furniture, are asking for safer alternatives, but one of the challenges in moving to these safer alternatives is the risk of sacrificing performance.

Graphic of bullseye targetLDI has solved this problem. We have developed products for commercial interiors and healthcare supplies that avoid the environmental and health safety concerns of PVC without sacrificing performance.

Here at LDI, some of the ways we make our products Eco-friendly or sustainable are by:

  • Passing indoor air quality testing for low VOC emissions
  • Incorporating recycled content into our products
  • Using as many renewable resources as we can
  • Not using PVC
  • Not using plasticizers
  • Not using flame retardants
  • Creating products that are durable so that they don’t have to be replaced frequently
  • Providing low cost of ownership