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LDI Interiors develops long lasting product solutions for commercial interiors that improves indoor air quality without sacrificing performance. Utilizing our industry first, digital print process we offer an extensive collection of patterns that can be colored on demand and printed on our proprietary PVC-Free faux leather upholstery and PVC-Free wall covering. This complements a package of solid and textured faux leather upholstery grains in over 100 color choices.

We do our work in a wide range of commercial environments including Healthcare, Sr. Living, Higher Education, Hospitality and Corporate Spaces. By combining innovative technology, outstanding durability and sustainable materials we are redefining the way the industry specifies and views faux leather and wall covering.

Our company has a unique understanding of materials and their performance characteristics, as well as the environmental and health safety impacts. No matter how good the story may be about what is or isn’t in a product, if it is too expensive or doesn’t work — then it is not sustainable.

We develop and control the formulations to our products. Each product is exclusive to us and we continue to invest heavily in Product Development and Quality Control. Each production lot is put through rigorous testing to ensure suitability for heavy-duty commercial use.