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LDI Surgical


LDI Surgical develops and leverages sustainable technology for healthcare using innovative material science and clinical insights. We strive to provide product solutions that focus on comfort while protecting patients and staff from injury while reducing exposure to environmental toxins.

We do our work in a variety of healthcare markets including hospitals, surgery centers and tissue banks. We provide products for fluid management in the OR, sterile cut resistant glove liners, mortuary products, privacy curtains and other innovative products designed with caregivers and patients in mind.

We develop and control the formulations to our products. Each product is exclusive to us and we continue to invest heavily in Product Development and Quality Control. Our company has a unique understanding of materials and their performance characteristics, as well as the environmental and health safety impacts. No matter how good the story may be about what is or isn’t in a product, if it is too expensive or doesn’t work — then it is not sustainable.