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Why PVC-Free?

Studies have shown vinyl (PVC) can have toxic effects throughout its lifecycle. Vinyl is listed on the EPA’s warning list of materials that contribute toward poor indoor air quality among other health and safety concerns.

Graphic of VOCs dispersing from traditional PVC (vinyl) materials.

During manufacture, or disposal, hydrochloric acid and other toxic emissions can be created. Incineration of vinyl can lead to the formation of dioxin which is a known carcinogen and hormone disruptor.

The plasticizers used to soften vinyl can leach from the material during its useful lifecycle and have been linked to developmental impairment, especially with young males. Those plasticizers and other chemicals such as halogenated flame retardants can volatize into the air (VOC emissions) becoming a bronchial irritant and potential asthma trigger.

We use safer materials that meet indoor air quality testing and don’t contain plasticizers, halogenated flame retardants, or heavy metals.