Who We Are

LDI Solutions was founded with the goal of developing sustainable products to protect the environment and human health.

Rooted in material science, engineering and innovation, the organization focuses on sustainable technology to provide safer alternatives that offer ultimate performance and superior value.

The philosophy that drives LDI's R&D/product development efforts towards more sustainable products is:

  • There are no perfect solutions. Do something today that is a step in the right direction.
  • Ensure Product Performance
    • Sustainability begins with long term product performance. No matter how good the story is about what is or is not in a product, if it doesn’t work, has to be frequently replaced or it is too expensive then it is not sustainable. LDI Solutions businesses provide products that outperform the competition.
  • Protect Human Health
    • From birth through adulthood, exposure to common synthetic chemicals and materials that surround us can adversely impact brain development, disrupt hormones, and cause diseases such as cancer. LDI Solutions businesses design products to minimize the use of harmful chemicals or incorporate safer alternatives.
    • The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimates in excess of 90,000 people die each year from healthcare-acquired infections. LDI Solutions businesses provide products to reduce the spread of infection.
  • Protect the Environment
    • According to the EPA, reduction of waste and reuse of products are the most effective ways to save natural resources, protect the environment and save money. LDI Solutions businesses invest heavily in digital processes and promote long lasting reusable products over disposables to reduce waste and energy consumption.